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Kindness Collection

Please note:
* Oldest orders shipped first, by batches.
* More paint colors coming soon!
* Please email custom color requests to
* Our paint weighs 12 pounds per gallon. Average PVA Latex ( petrochemical-based) paint weighs 7 to 8 pounds per gallon.
* Paint is custom mixed and may not be returned.
* Please order a 2 oz sample to test before ordering.
*  We are currently only shipping the white paint (which is also the pastel tint base). However we do have the data color tint formulas for Sherwin Williams, PPG, Behr, Pratt and Lambert etc.
* Please email customer service and request an Anna Sova or other paint company tint formula. so that you may ask your local paints store to tint the pastel base for you.