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EPA Studies

EPA studies indicate indoor air pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outdoor air and occasionally more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels! This is caused by VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from paint, furniture finishes, and textiles.

Using Anna Sova Food Paint™ can help reduce household VOC’s!

We Produce Our Product with Up to 96% Food Grade Ingredients

The healthiest ingredients you can buy! Milk casein(as yogurt), titanium dioxide (as in powdered donuts), food grade emulsifiers and preservative (as in milkshakes and chocolates).

Isn't Breathing It the Same Thing as Eating It?

Just consider a gallon of our healthy paint twelve pounds of vanilla truffles, and it’s a bargain!

Paint Aromatherapy

Our wall finishes already smell vaguely of vanilla milk shakes (instead of plastic VOCs). For extra fun, add one container of Anna Sova paint aromatherapy per gallon of paint and stir very well. Do not use in bright white paints, it may darken the color. The aroma lasts from 6 months to 1 year on the wall.

IMPORTANT! Information

  • Up to 96% food ingredients based on quantity of tint added
  • Our healthy paint does not contain chemicals such as: mercury, formaldehyde, crystalline silica, ethylene glycol, toluene, mutagens, vinyl acrylics, acrylic copolymers, or any ingredients known to cause cancer, birth defects, lung liver, and kidney disease, or any ingredients in California’s proposition 65 know to cause cancer.
  • Our paint is a much healthier alternative for pregnant women, children, elderly persons, or individuals with asthma, allergies, immune disorders, and chemical sensitivities.
  • Our paint smells like a vanilla milkshake. The aroma fades in several days.
  • Coverage: Use a 1″, 1.5#, or 2: roller to apply a heavy coat of the paint. Average 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon. Do not thin with water.
  • Spray Coverage: Average more than 400 sq. ft. per gallon. Do not thin with water.
  • Weight: Our paint weighs 12 pounds per gallon. Conventional paint weighs around 7-8 pounds per gallon.
  • Do not use in wet or high-humidity areas such as kitchens or bathrooms with direct water contact, unless surface is sealed with wax.
  • Please do not eat or drink our paint, or allow pets to consume our product.
  • Guarantee is limited to only the cost of paint. Any supplies are not included.

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